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2000 days of delivery
per year in 55 countries
94% of our clients
estimate our trainings
facilitate the achievement
of their professional objectives
97% of trainees estimate
they had clear
professional objectives
to their questions

The world's best experts in professional negotiation.

The Arcante Group was founded in April 2000 by Laurent Plantevin, creator of the professional negotiation technology. Inspired by international relations, this technology increases the probability of reaching an agreement with the other party at the best level possible of the expected objectives. It combines negotiating tools, techniques, and methods into an effective, reliable model that improves the quality of negotiations and the agreements made.

This exclusive, innovative technology was an immediate, strong success in business, where it was hailed for its effectiveness and pragmatism. Arcante Group has experienced strong, continuous growth since its founding and has become a world leader in negotiations consulting.

Jointly with consulting missions, Arcante Group provides training in professional negotiating through three firms, all fully-owned subsidiaries of the group. These firms provide training techniques in preparing for and conducting a negotiation, distinctly according to the company's business focuses:

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