Our Consultants

In addition to our high level negotiating expertise, our clients recognize our first-rate intervention quality and reliability. This recognition is very important to us and we do everything we can to maintain it. This is the responsibility of all our consultants in negotiation, who form a stable, highly-qualified community.

  • Fotios
  • Blandine
  • Samuel
  • Paul-Henri
  • Olivier
  • Laurent
  • Jean
  • Eric
  • Maxence
  • Arnaud


Project Manager

Arnaud joined Arcante Group in 2010, as a project manager. He is involved in training and coaching negotiators in purchasing as well as sales roles. His scope of intervention is international. Previously, he worked as a sales director in the pharmaceutical and medical sector, before joining an international consulting firm as a senior consultant. Arnaud holds a DESS degree in international management, as well as a master's degree in international industrial marketing.

Jean Baptiste HOUZET

Project Manager

Jean Baptiste joined Arcante Group in 2002, two years after its founding. A specialist in purchasing negotiations, Jean Baptiste is regularly involved, both as a consultant and trainer, in international environments with large industrial and retail companies. The most senior of our project managers, he has also largely contributed to the design of our programmes and the training of the firm's consultants. Jean Baptiste has a degree in economics and is a graduate of EDHEC. He has served as an industrial purchasing manager for an agri-food company, purchasing coordinator for an international industrial group, and purchasing director for a distribution center specialising in personal goods.

Blandine BILLARD

Project Manager

Blandine joined Arcante Group in 2009. A specialist in interpersonal negotiation strategies, she has a dual knowledge of behavioral aspects and professional negotiations. She is regularly involved in social negotiation training missions. Previously, she worked for several years in sales network management positions, before focusing on the role of HR Director. She then joined a sales consulting and training firm, before joining a firm specialising in human resources. Blandine holds a master's degree in human resource management.


Project Manager

Eric joined Arcante Group in 2004 as a project manager. An expert in professional negotiations in an international environment, Eric works around the world on training and coaching missions, particularly with purchasing and sales negotiation teams for industrial groups. Before joining Arcante Group, Eric worked as a sales director in a supply chain group in the US, external relations director for an advertising leader in the Netherlands, then as director of Asia-Pacific operations for an electronics group. He holds an Executive MBA from HEC Group, a DESS degree in international commerce and is a graduate of the International Commerce Institute of Paris.


Project Manager

Samuel joined Arcante Group in 2007 as a project manager. A specialist in distribution sales negotiations, Samuel regularly works with large industrial companies to train and coach their sales negotiators. Before joining Arcante Group, Samuel was export director with an industrial SME, and negotiations director in the textile industry. He is a graduate of the ESC Lille business school.


President and Founder

In April 2000, Laurent Plantevin founded Arcante Group, based on a specific negotiation technology he designed, inspired by international institutional negotiations. This exclusive, innovative technology combines negotiations tools, techniques, and methods into a reliable, effective model that improves the quality of negotiations and the agreements made. It was an immediate, strong success in business, where it was hailed for its effectiveness and pragmatism. Arcante Group has experienced strong, continuous growth since its founding and has become a world leader in negotiations consulting.
Within the framework of his function of President of the Group Arcante, Laurent Plantevin assures the operational direction of the consultants of the cabinet and oversee personally all the realized consulting missions. He also continues to intervene in a company as to advise in negotiation with management teams and to liven up numerous conferences on the strategy of negotiation. He also leads missions in the field of the international institutional negotiation (Delegation in the strategic business of the Ministry of Defence, Direction of the international projects of Handicap International).

Jean-Maxence BELQUIN

Project Manager

Jean-Maxence joined Arcante Group as a project manager in 2006. A specialist in professional negotiations in an international context, particularly in cutting edge industrial environments, he is involved in training and coaching throughout the world with purchasing or sales negotiators. After receiving an Executive MBA from EDHEC, Jean-Maxence acquired solid experience with major international industrial groups as a project manager and production purchasing coordinator.


Project Manager

Paul-Henri joined Arcante Group in 2006 as a project manager. A specialist in purchasing and interventions in an international context, Paul-Henri works worldwide on consulting and training missions in negotiation with large industrial and distribution companies. He has a doctoral degree in chemistry from Cambridge University. Throughout his professional experience, Paul-Henri has initiated and lead many projects with operational management (Purchasing, R&D, IT) in an international environment.


Associate Director

In 2000, Olivier helped found Arcante Group as an Associate Director. A major expert in business education/learning and negotiation, he works closely with Laurent Plantevin toward the influence of professional negotiation technology, by developing learning and expertise transfer methods. He mainly works on missions, often complex, to train and coach negotiators, both in purchasing or sales or social environments. Before joining Arcante Group, Olivier worked in a major sales training firm, as a consultant, learning manager, then project manager. This experience, representing some fifteen years, has given him great mastery of teaching methods and an acute knowledge of business relations.


Project Manager

Fotios joined the Arcante Group in 2017 as project manager. He delivers training and negotiators both in the purchasing functions and sales. His delivery scope is international. Holder of Bachelor of Sciences in Business Administration as well as HEC MBA, Fotios performed Managing Director function in the sector of the import-export of products of furnishing and design.

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