Support at the negotiating table

We can provide support, consulting and bring negotiating assistance to your team at the negotiating table in the context of a negotiator or observer mission.
Arcante Group is the only negotiating consulting firm to engage its liability in such missions.

Negotiator mandate

Along with your team, we defend the interests of your company at the negotiating table against the other party, by employing all our skills and experience in negotiating strategies, tactics, techniques, positions, and argument systems.

Observer mandate

We manage your team at the negotiating table by providing it (either directly or during breaks) with precise recommendations dealing with negotiating positions and argument systems.

This type of mission is strictly managed by letters of engagement containing - in addition to the usual provisions - clauses specific to the intervention, such as the limitation of the mandate granted, the mandate escalation arrangement, the exclusivity of the intervention, or the private protection of the consultant.

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