Why datadock?

The law of 5 March 2014 "relative to vocational training, employment and social democracy" creates new rights for employees, reduces corporate tax obligations, makes structural changes to the current system and impacts companies funding and management of their training policies.

The financers of professional training are given new tasks:

• Ensure the ability of providers to deliver quality actions,
• Give access to companies and individuals clear information on so-called “quality training organizations”,
• Control the capacity of training organizations to deliver quality actions.
To simplify the task of the training organizations, 20 OPCAs worked together to define the indicators that make it possible to judge the respect of these criteria by the training organizations and designed the Datadock platform.

What is Datadock?

The Datadock is a data warehouse that allows vocational training funders to verify the compliance of training organizations with the quality criteria defined by the law. This is a guarantee of credibility for both companies and employees who benefit from training.

The Datadock is a tool that simplifies the efforts of organizations to be referenced by funders by registering once for all the financers associated with the project, and which also simplifies the funders work, through interfacing with their own information systems.

After registration on the Datadock, training organizations must file the evidence related to the 21 indicators defined by the funders to meet the 6 criteria.

After the filing of the evidence?

Once the conformity of the parts has been checked, the training organizations become "referable" by the funders. Each funder can then decide to reference these training organizations to make them appear in his reference catalog.

The Datadock tool has been online since 1 January 2017 and operators are progressively displaying their catalog of references on their respective sites.

A service provider will have to be referenced so that his training action is taken in charge by the financier. In concrete terms, for each funding request, the funder checks whether the training organization has registered on the Datadock so that it can then be referenced. If this is the case, he can proceed with his referencing and the training action is reimbursed. Otherwise, the Training Organization is invited to do so before the start of the training or before the funds commitment.

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