The Nemesis program has two aims:

• To Develop simultaneously negotiation skills and the performance of your negotiators,
• Operatively assist these negotiators in their negotiations in order to reach agreements in line with the defined objectives.

Why did we create Nemesis?

Because "generic" training no longer meets the expectations of operational decision-makers! They want, of course, competent employees (and, if possible, more than their competitors), but they also want fast performance in a world where everything is accelerating. But the "classical" training develops skills but its return is, at best in the long term, the worst uncertain.
Nemesis is the answer to this legitimate expectation from decision-makers.

The Nemesis program will unfold according to the following process:

What is Nemesis?

Based on real negotiations that your enegotiators will have to carry out soon:

• We select the tools, techniques and methods they will need to perform in these negotiations (and only those tools, techniques and methods: no Expertise markdown, and therefore no time markdown!).
• We train and exercice them to use these technics in the negotiations they will have to conduct and we will provide them specific recommendations for the preparation and conduct of these negotiations.
• We operationally guide them in these negotiations to ensure that they lead them at best.

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